Parish Intern Reflection

Session: Spring
Type: Field Education
Units: 2
Academic Year: 2021 - 2022
Approval Required: No

ECO Core

The Congregational Intern Reflection course is paired with the on-site experience of Congregational Internship. It is in synchronous online modality. This course is for M.Div students. The Intern Ministers meet twice a month by Zoom to discuss progress on Learning Goals, development of pastoral/prophetic/ preaching voices, and integrating theory with skills. Students are expected to attend the January 2022 Congregational Intern Minister Gathering, January 10-11 at Starr King. Evaluation will be based on the Zoom conversations and the content of the mid-term and final evaluations.

During the Internship experience, there are opportunities for all 8 Starr King Threshold Areas to be explored, as well as each of the UU Ministerial Fellowship Committee Competency Areas.

ECO Core Intensive is a prerequisite.

[15 max enrollment; Auditors excluded]