Multi-Religious Intensive

Session: Summer
Type: Intensive, Synchronous
Units: 3
Academic Year: 2021 - 2022
Approval Required: No

This course will present a framework for the practice and understanding of multi-religiosity, in a collaborative and pluralist environment. It will draw upon contemporary texts and guest lectures representing a diversity of faith traditions to provide an integrative context for understanding religious identity as non-binary and multifaceted. Students will be encouraged to participate in multi-spiritual practice and share their own multi-religious experiences and rituals to foster discussion about non-binary religious identity from a variety of perspectives. Course Format and Evaluation: intensive, with final presentation and research paper or project on a specific topic or theme relating to multi-religiosity. Intended audience: all degree programs.

High-residency, limited hybrid participation allowed. Required for the M.Div. and/or MASC.

Relates to Thresholds: I, II, IV, VI, VII. Relates to MFC: I, III, VII.

Course meets daily, 8/16/21-8/20//21 and 8/23/21-8/27/21, 2 hours synchronous (10am-12pm PST) and 2 hours asynchronous per day.

[25 max enrollment; Auditors excluded]