Introduction to Systems Thinking

Session: Spring
Type: Asynchronous
Units: 3
Academic Year: 2019 - 2020
Approval Required: No

This is an introductory course in systems thinking, a leadership model that recognizes that people, structures, and processes interact within organizational systems to foster (or restrict) organizational (and individual) wellbeing. Wherever your ministry takes you: serving a congregation; working as a chaplain; supervising volunteers in a voter registration drive; living in a cooperative or homeless encampment, knowledge about systems thinking offers tools to respond appropriately to the needs of the system in which you find yourself. Our study of congregations and other systems (likely the medical-industrial and educational systems) will be rooted in a multi-cultural, anti-oppressive understanding of the intersectionality of systems and identities, power and privilege. Our work will also take us into less-charted territory to explore systems thinking in relation to social media and non-hierarchical (rhizomatic) organizational systems.

Meets Thresholds: Life in Religious Community and Prophetic Witness Meets MFC Comps: Social Justice in the Public Square and Administration

[24 max enrollment; required]

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Devorah Greenstein