Introduction to Ethics: Theory and Application

Session: Spring
Type: Online, Synchronous
Units: 3
Days: TUE
Time: 5:30pm-8:30pm
Academic Year: 2023 - 2024
Approval Required: No
Download: Course Document

This online synchronous course is designed to introduce students to the study and practical application of ethics (moral philosophy). Content is focused on historical and cultural foundations of ethical theory and the application of ethics to address current and historical events and situations. Pre-modern, modern and contemporary texts and concepts will be engaged through a combination of lecture and discussion with the academic goal of helping students to meet SKSM Threshold 2. Prophetic Witness and Work threshold, “to assess and respond to injustice and complex ethical issues in their communities and the world, while recognizing their own social locations and/or privileges” and MFC Competencies: 4. Social Justice in the Public Square, 6. Serves the larger UU Faith and 7. Leads the faith into the future.

Students will be evaluated based on class engagement, regular reflections on readings and a final paper or presentation describing an area where they would like to grow or deepen their study and understanding of ethics in the future.

Enrollment max: 20. Required for both the M.Div. and MASC degrees; Required for students preparing to see the Ministerial Fellowship Committee.