Freedoms in a Complex World

Session: Fall
Type: Asynchronous
Units: 3
Academic Year: 2019 - 2020
Approval Required: No

The course discusses the inadequacy of Western classical interpretations of freedom. First, it presents interpretations of freedom such as: freedom to be a moral human being; freedom of choosing the authentic self; freedom as fight for the change of the shared world and community. Second, the course investigates how these Western classical interpretations of freedom must be reconsidered in light of multiple perspectives and contemporary challenges, such as: the problem of injustice in freedom as existential choice, as analyzed by Black Existentialism; the compatibility of Christian mythology within the globalized world; the clash between law and freedom in the urgent issue of migration in the US southern borders and the Mediterranean Sea. Evaluation methods will include research papers, reflection papers, and class presentations and is open to MDiv, MA/MASC/MTS, DMin, PhD/ThD or any combination thereof. The course is taught by Dr. Andrea Vestrucci (Ph.D., Th.D.), a SKSM Research Scholar.

Relates to SKSM Thresholds: 1) Life in Religious Community and Interfaith Engagement, 2) Prophetic Witness and Work, 4) History of Dissenting Traditions and the Thea/ological Quest, 6) Thea/ology in Culture and Context, 7) Educating for Wholeness and Liberation, & 8) Embodied Wisdom and Beauty and Ministerial Fellowship Competencies (MFC): 2) Pastoral Care and Presence, 3) Spiritual Development for Self and Others, 4) Social Justice in the Public Square, & 7) Leads the faith into the future.

Instructor: Andrea Vestrucci