Engaging Moral Injury

Session: Spring
Type: Asynchronous with optional Zoom discussions, Online
Units: 3
Days: WED
Academic Year: 2023 - 2024
Approval Required: Yes


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The concept of moral injury strives to address the deep spiritual wounds experienced by many – as perpetrators, victims, or witnesses, – in the context of war, violence and injustice. In this interdisciplinary seminar, we will critically engage different definitions of moral injury related to the spiritual wounds of war and military occupation, and explore the uses and the redefinitions of moral injury in relation to other issues involving systemic violence and oppression, addressed intersectionally. The course will explore the articulation of the concept of moral injury in different spiritual traditions and cultural contexts, and challenge the role of theologies, spirituality and the arts in proposing individual and collective processes of healing, transformation and justice-making. Online discussions, one reflection essay, one course presentation and a final project. Optional Zoom synchronous discussion sessions will be organized.

M.Div. and MASC students. Relates to SKSM Thresholds: 2. Prophetic Witness and Work, 5. Spiritual Practice and Care of the Soul, 6. Thea/ology in Culture and Context and MFC competencies: 2. Pastoral Care and Presence, 3. Spiritual Development for Self and Others, 5. Administration.

Prerequisites: ECO Core.

Maximum enrollment: 16. Auditors excluded.

Faculty consent required. Registration is contingent upon faculty approval.
1. Students will self-enroll in the course to be placed on the waitlist. 2. Complete the required faculty consent questionnaire: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FC23-24. For questions regarding Faculty Consent, please contact kmoebius@sksm.edu.