Congregational Internship

Session: Spring
Type: Field Education
Units: 5-10
Academic Year: 2024 – 2025
Approval Required: No

ECO Core

Congregational Internship is where the student practices the skills of ministry under the direct supervision of a teaching minister in Full Fellowship (for UU students). During internship, the student more fully develops their pastoral voice within the ongoing life of a congregation. The internship blends call with community, as the student clarifies their sense of vocation throughout the year. An internship needs to offer the student ample opportunities to engage in all aspects of congregational ministry: preaching and worship leading, presiding over rites of passage, offering pastoral care, teaching all ages, honing administration skills, and leading prophetic witness. Through all these practices, it is expected the student will use a framework of educating to counter oppressions as well as ground the practices in the sacred texts and histories/dissenting traditions of that particular faith community.

Evaluation is based on completion of the Learning Agreement, the mid-term evaluation and the final evaluation (depending on the semester).

This course is for M.Div. students. Full-time internship up to 10 credits, half-time internship up to 5.0 credits. Contact the registrar for manual adjustment of credit to level set by the instructor.

Students should register for the concurrent course “Congregational Intern Reflection.”

This class may meet one or more of the Starr King Thresholds.