Congregational Internship

Session: Spring
Type: Field Education
Units: 5-10
Academic Year: 2019 - 2020
Approval Required: Yes

This is a 10 month full-time (one year, 10 credits/semester) or part-time (two years, 5 credits/ semester) ministry experience in a teaching congregation, under the supervision of a Minister in Final Fellowship (for UU students), working with an intern committee, and a professor at the school. For non-UU students, check with your denominational body to see if there are additional requirements for the congregational internship experience. This course is for M.Div students. Evaluation is based on the Zoom conversations, mid-term and final evaluations. The Intern Ministers meet twice a month by Zoom to discuss progress on Learning Goals. UU students will use the UUA Internship Evaluation forms.

During the Internship experience, there are opportunities for all 8 Starr King Threshold Areas to be explored, as well as the UU Ministerial Fellowship Committee Competency Areas.

Course is available for 5-10 units.

[Faculty Consent required]