Community Intern Reflection

Session: Fall
Type: Field Education, Online, Synchronous
Units: 1
Academic Year: 2020 - 2021
Approval Required: No

This course is a peer group seminar for interns doing fieldwork in community field sites. It offers the@logical reflection, linking the experience in the internship to the student’s broad educational and vocational goals (praxis). The class is designed for students to assess their personal progress, gather support from peers and the instructor, integrate their internship experience into their degree program, and deepen the@logical practices to sustain religious leadership in community ministry. Students gather multi-religious sources of wisdom and inspiration, which serve as touchstones for group spiritual reflection. The course includes a required live web-based video seminar approximately twice a month, as well as weekly online discussion postings that orient the seminar sessions. This online course is synchronous on Zoom and counts as low residency; students must have consistent internet access to relevant technology. Evaluation is based on participation, depth of engagement with peers and resources, as well as written self-evaluations. Required for MDiv/ MASC students enrolled in credit for community internship during the same semester. Fulfills thresholds based on personal learning goals.

Prerequisites: Simultaneous enrollment in community internship credits for the semester. Full and complete approval of the internship agreement by the Director of Contextual Education, site supervisor and faculty advisor. Student must submit description of approved internship and copy of agreement to instructor prior to first session. [6 max enrollment]