Clinical Pastoral Education

Session: Summer
Type: Field Education
Units: 1-10
Academic Year: 2024 – 2025
Approval Required: No

This course is for Starr King students engaged in part-time or full-time Clinical Pastoral Education. Participate in ministry to persons in crisis and engage in individual and group reflection. Didactic sessions draw together theoretical material from theology, the behavioral sciences, and pastoral care. Students learn to integrate theological understanding and knowledge of behavioral science with pastoral functioning. Upon completion, a written evaluation from the program supervisor will be placed in the student’s permanent file. Discuss CPE with your advisor and then supervising SKSM faculty. Final evaluation from CPE supervisor needs to be sent to faculty by the last day of the semester to receive credit. Students are responsible for applying for and securing a place in a CPE program. Please check the SKSM Student Handbook and Contextual Education Handbook for more information.

Open to all degree students. No prerequisites or max. enrollment. Auditors excluded.

Relates to SKSM Threshold 5. Spiritual Practice and Care of the Soul and MFC Competency 2. Pastoral Care and Presence.

Course is available from 1-10 units. Please contact the registrar for a manual adjustment of the credit level as needed.