ChI ECO-Ministry

Session: Summer
Type: Intensive, Synchronous
Units: 1.5
Academic Year: 2022 - 2023
Approval Required: No

ECO Core


Bringing curiosity to our deepest ways of knowing, courageously questioning our lifestyle choices, and prophetically imagining a regenerative future is what ChI calls Eco-Ministry. In this 3-day course, participants will learn ancient and innovative, life-affirming and healing practices for Earth and the systems on which humans depend. In addition to presentations with subject-area experts, this elective takes us outdoors to learn with Earth, and to local venues where new and indigenous practices are showing us the way forward. Art and Ritual are part of the daily experience, honoring our need for expression and integration at every level. Only for joint-program students participating in Chaplaincy Institute (ChI) courses as part of the Interfaith Chaplaincy and Ministry Certificate.

Max. enrollment 15. Auditors excluded.

Relevant for SKSM thresholds 1 (Life in Religious Community & Interfaith Engagement), 2 (Prophetic Witness & Work), and 8 (Embodied Wisdom & Beauty); MFC competency 4 (Social Justice in the Public Square).

Prerequisite: ECO course.

Course meets full days, Fri/Sat/Sun, Jun 10 – Jun 12, 2022. Instructor: Katrina Leathers