Accessibility at Starr King School in Berkeley

Wheelchair and Scooter Access

The school house is a two-story building. The upper floor (front) of the building is accessible via a ramp. (Photos of the front of the building are posted below.) Currently it is possible to access the lower floor  by going down the front ramp, around the building on the sloping driveway, and into the lower floor.  People who prefer not to use stairs, and people in wheelchairs and scooters, find this route workable, although not ideal. Longer range, the school is aiming to install an elevator between the two floors. Starr King submitted a grant request to raise the needed funds.

Installing automatic door openers is an important and needed upgrade. The school’s operations manager is working on a plan to accomplish this upgrade as soon as financially possible.

It is important to us at SKSM to keep pathways clear, and to make sure that there are clear spaces available for people in scooters and wheelchairs.

Equal access to the schoolhouse for people of all abilities is one of the values and practices that makes it possible for us to be the beloved community we want for all of us.

Accessibility Ramps

Photos of SKSM schoolhouse at 2441 Le Conte Ave., Berkeley CA, showing the accessibility ramp leading from the sidewalk to the upper floor of the building:

SKSM building photo 1

SKSM building photo 3