Plagiarism is the appropriation of words and ideas written by others without proper attribution and is a serious violation of academic and personal integrity. It amounts to theft and is ground for dismissal from the school. At the same time, different cultures have different understanding of plagiarism.

A great resource to help you understand and avoid plagiarism is Plagiarism: What It Is and How to Recognize and Avoid It

Starr King considers the use of AI programs such as ChatGPT to be an instance of plagiarism.

SKSM Consequences of Plagiarism

Teachers who suspect that a student has plagiarized should address the issues with the student. If plagiarism is confirmed the teacher will work with the core faculty to determine the best course of action which could include Academic Probation. If the matter is disputed, the student or teacher may follow the procedures listed under ―Academic Disputes. Students who are placed on Academic Probation twice may be dismissed from the program.