Bias Incident Report

Starr King School for the Ministry (also referred to as “SKSM”) is committed to maintaining its campus and programs free from all forms of bias, discrimination, or misconduct. To help achieve this goal, SKSM has developed policies and programs which are designed to help protect everyone in our community from experiencing any form of sexual misconduct (including sexual and gender-related: violence, assault, harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking); discrimination or bias based on race/ethnicity, age, abilities, culture, language, nationality or any other aspect that could be used as bias against a student, faculty, or staff.

If you would like to report a bias incident or believe you have been discriminated against, please fill out the form below or contact Team ECO at . In an emergency, dial 911. This bias form will be directed to Team ECO when you click on the “Submit” button below. Information reported on this form may be submitted either by using your real name or anonymously and is considered confidential to the extent permitted by law or by legitimate need of access for authorized Starr King personnel. Thank you for contacting us.