February 11, 2023

Black History Month: A Brief History & Resources

Each February, Black History Month is celebrated across the United States. Black History Month was officially recognized in 1976 by President Gerald Ford and evolved out of Negro History Week established by Carter G. Woodson and what is now known as the Association for the Study of African American Life and History in 1926. Learn more about the history of Black History Month here.

The study of Black history and the lived experiences of Black folks is not limited to the month of February. Lifting Black voices is a year-round necessity to do the work of dismantling white supremacy culture. This work is more important now more than ever, as legislatures attempt to block and remove the study of Black history in education.

In addition to studying Black history, highlighting and celebrating Black futures is a common theme of February. Learn more about Black Futures Month here.


Carter G. Woodson

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