October 6, 2016


Dear Ones–

I’m writing to let you know that our school building, closed since Tuesday, will remain closed for an additional week while we track down irregularities in our electrical system that pose some risks to school safety.

After experiencing a total power outage on Oct. 4, we called in PG&E to confirm that it was not a problem with the utility’s equipment.  Now that we know what didn’t cause the outage, we’re at work to identify what the issue is.  This will involve scanning for “hot spots,” in our wiring system and then using an electrical contractor to resolve whatever problems we find.

THE WORK OF THE SCHOOL CONTINUES, even though our physical building is shut down.  Classes are being relocated (if you are a student or faculty member, please keep an eye out for a separate email) and emailing individuals and departments is the best way to contact any of us, since we’re all working from our homes. Please be patient if it takes a little longer to reach us, or we aren’t getting back to you as quickly as we might.

Most of all, please respect that the building is NOT available for use or entry until we have clarity about the electrical system.  We’ll be in touch as we know more.  Many thanks!


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