Tuition & Fees

Starr King is changing to a fee per credit tuition system starting in the 2016-17 academic year, which begins with the Summer 2016 term and ends with the Spring 2017 semester. Per credit fees are set annually.

Student Body Fee: $17.50 per semester

SKSM fee per credit:

For the 2016-17 academic year SKSM tuition is $705 per credit.
This fee applies to the following students:

Master of Divinity
M.Div. requires the completion of 90 credits.

Master of Arts in Social Change
MASC requires the completion of 48 credits.

Certificates (UU Studies or Multireligious Studies)
Starr King’s certificate programs are open to Special Students and to Degree Students. The certificate programs require the completion of 18 credits.

Special Students
Special Students (i.e. students who are not currently matriculated in an SKSM degree program) may register through Starr King to take a Starr King course (residential, intensive, immersion, or online) or any course offered through the GTU Cross-Registration System.

Common M.A. Degree fee per credit:

Full-time Common M.A. students entering Fall 2016 tuition is $711 per credit. Continuing M.A. students will pay $4,270 for Fall and Spring semesters. Students taking more than 12 credits per semester will be charged at the per credit rate.

The Common M.A. is a joint Starr King and Graduate Theological Union degree.  Common M.A. tuition is set annually by the GTU.

For complete details on Common M.A. tuition and fees, please visit the GTU website:

Tuition Transition for Continuing SKSM Students

M.Div., MASC & Dual Degree Students

Continuing students are defined as those who matriculated by Spring 2016 or earlier under the “total degree, all-inclusive” tuition agreement.

Continuing students will pay on a fee per credit basis; however, total tuition for continuing M.Div. and Dual Degree students will be capped at the total amount for their degree at the student’s matriculation.   Once a student’s cumulative payment reaches the tuition cap, any remaining credits needed to earn their degree will be paid for by SKSM Transition Tuition Scholarships. The transition period for M.Div. and dual degree students lasts through Spring 2019.

Continuing MASC students will pay less than they owed in the all-inclusive tuition. SKSM Transition Tuition Scholarships will make up the difference between the total paid through fee per credit and the original all-inclusive tuition at matriculation.  The transition period for MASC students lasts through Spring 2018.

Total degree Tuition must be paid in full 30 days prior graduation.

Tuition Transition Summer 2016 Cash Flow Challenge
Personalized Payment Plan  

Please register for your Summer Intensives as planned.

Continuing M.Div. and MASC students lacking access to Federal Student Loans until fall 2016 and who have difficulty paying the fee per credit for 2016 Summer Semester classes may set up a Personalized Payment Plan with SKSM and delay transferring to the fee per credit tuition system until January 2017.

Your Personalized Payment Plan will bill you in the fall for the first half of the year, covering your summer and fall 2016 term tuition.

Please contact Owais Qureshi by June 20 to set up your Personalized Payment Plan for Summer and Fall 2016.

Institutional Scholarships can also be used for Summer Intensives & Symposium.


Once a student registers for their course(s), they will automatically be billed for the amount of units to be acquired from the course(s). After completing your registration for any given semester, you will be able to pay for your courses using Student Planning. Tuition must be paid in full by the end of Late Registration or a payment plan must be in place.

Credit Card, Check, Cash, E-Check, and Money Order Payments

  • Online through Web Advisor by E-Check or Credit Card (made through Student Planning > Student Finance > Make A Payment
  • By mailing check or money order (made payable to “Starr King School for the Ministry”) to Starr King School for the Ministry c/o Student Accounts Manager, 2441 Le Conte Avenue, Berkeley CA 94709-1209.
  • In person by check, cash, or money order with Owais Qureshi, Student Accounts Manager. No credit cards accepted in person.

Instructions for the View Account and Make Payments Student Planning Option

Minimum Credits for Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) and Student Loans

For purposes of federally-supported financial aid programs, to receive full-time benefits a students must be enrolled for a minimum of 9 credits each principal term (i.e. Fall, Intersession/Spring, and/or Summer).  To receive part-time benefits, a student must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits each principal term (i.e. Fall, Intersession/Spring, and Summer). Students who take fewer than 6 credits in a principal term may enter repayment for loans and are not eligible for loans within that semester.

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) purchased from Starr King School is not available to anyone taking fewer than 6 credits in a principal term.

SKSM alumni are eligible to take a course as a “Special Student” and to apply one free credit per year ($705 discount) to the cost of a SKSM course.
Access to the course is subject to space availability and instructor approval.