Transferring to SKSM

Starr King welcomes transfer students through our regular application process.

Students admitted to  Starr King’s MDIV or MASC degree who within five years prior to their matriculation with Starr King have completed course work in an accredited theological school, or a graduate religious studies program, or who have completed a certified unit of Clinical Pastoral Education may request that credits be transferred upon their admission to Starr King. Students may also transfer credit for modules completed at the Chaplaincy Institute in exception to the general policy not to accept coursework from unaccredited institutions. Transfer credits count towards the required number of total credits needed to complete a degree program and the amount of all-inclusive tuition required will be reduced accordingly.  Tuition credits will be prorated in accordance with the student’s projected graduation date.  Note:  The transfer policy for Common M.A. students is found in the M.A. Student Handbook published at

To request a transfer of credits, entering MDIV or MASC students must submit a written request and written documentation (i.e. an official transcript from the other school, or a CPE final evaluation) to the Director of Admissions.  Requests may be submitted any time during the admission’s process and early submission is encouraged.  Requests must be received no later than August 1 or January 1.

The request will be reviewed and acted upon by the Chair of the Admission’s Committee (if the chair is a member of the SKSM core faculty)  or the Dean of the Faculty; signed approval of transfer credits will be communicated in writing to the entering student, the SKSM Registrar, the student’s Advisor, and the SKSM Student Accounts Manager.

The following criteria will be applied in determining pre-admission transfer credits:

  • Transferred course work must be relevant to the degree requirements and learning goals of the MDIV and/or the MASC
  • Credit-hour equivalency will be determined by SKSM.
  • No course work or CPE work that has been counted in the awarding of a completed degree at another institution will be transferrable.
  • Limits on allowable transfer credits will be observed.

Allowable limits on transfer credits:

  • For MDIV candidates no more than 30 credits can be transferred.
  • For MASC candidates no more than 15 credits can be transferred.
  • For joint MDIV/MASC candidates no more than 39 credits can be transferred.