Join Us in Celebrating 10 Years of MASC

In celebration of this pioneering program, Starr King is hosting and/or sponsoring a series of events throughout the 2015-2016 academic year. These events will serve as special opportunities to celebrate and strengthen our community.


  • The Heartbeat of the Prophetic: Book Presentation by Marc H. Ellis: Starr King School for the Ministry welcomed internationally-renowned scholar Marc Ellis to discuss his latest book on September 29, 2015. Students, faculty, staff, and community members gathered for the first public presentation of The Heartbeat of the Prophetic, a collection of personal reflections on the deepening exile of Jews of Conscience. Ellis’s work explores the prophetic in its many dimensions, and he spoke compellingly on the themes of suffering, a new Jewish diaspora, and the quest for justice during a time of increased Jewish empowerment in Israel and the US.“Any theological statement that we Jews make has to make sense to a burning Palestinian child…Now that questions has been turned back to us as oppressors. What do we have to say as Jews when Palestinian children are burning because of us?” Read more.


  • MASC Chapel Service: On October 20, 2015 MASC students gathered at Starr King School for the Ministry for special chapel service.
    “We were encouraged to conspire, with breath, compassion in our actions on Earth” -Terra Collier-Young, Vice President of the Student Body Read more.


  • Deep Caring & Social Change: Tending to Souls Who Suffer: Internationally renowned scholar and Starr King graduate Charles Garfield presented a free workshop on November 17th at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists. Just days after a wave of terrorist attacks in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, an important discussion took place around empathy, love, and how to keep caring in a world that holds so much suffering. Read more.


  • Promised Lands: Intersecting Race, Religion, and Sexuality in an Age of Migrations: On December 8, 2015, Dr. Hugo Cordova Quero discussed the manifold aspects of migratory patterns within the modern capitalist World-System. Common myths around im/migration were dispelled as Dr. Cordova Quero identified several challenges facing im/migrants on their journey to a new life. Read more.


  • A Change in the Wind: Paris Climate Talks and the Continuing Necessity of Activism: On January 11, 2016, MASC Graduate Christine Boyle described her experience serving as a delegate of a global interfaith network at the highly anticipated COP21 climate negotiations in Paris. What did world leaders accomplish, and what work remains in order to achieve climate justice? Read more.
  • Moral Leadership for Climate Justice: On January 21, 2016, Climate activist and Unitarian Universalist Seminarian Tim DeChristopher gave a personal account of his experience as “Bidder 70,” an act of civil disobedience which earned him 21 months in federal prison, as well as a national media spotlight. Topics of discussion included the “necessity defense,” the power of civil disobedience, and society’s struggle to engage with moral authority in order to create a just and healthy world. Read more.


  • Celebrating Grace Lee Boggs: A Century in Love and Struggle: Starr King joined Bay Area organizers to co-sponsor a weekend of action and celebration honoring the life and work of Detroit-based activist and philosopher Grace Lee Boggs (1915-2015). Events included a Theater of the Oppressed workshop by Adjunct Faculty member Jiwon Chung and reflections from special guest activists. Read more.


  • Microaggressions in Ministry & Beyond: A Book Presentation by Angela Yarber: On April 19th, Angela Yarber appeared at Starr King to discuss her latest book, co-authored with Cody Sanders, Microaggressions in Ministry: Confronting the Hidden Violence of Everyday Church. The term microaggression refers to “a comment or action that is subtly and often unintentionally hostile or demeaning to a member of a minority or marginalized group” (Merriam-Webster)Read more.


  • Justice Ministry: A Presentation by Evan Junker: On May 3, 2016 Evan Junker, Executive Director of the UUJMCA, shared his work with the UUJMCA and opportunities to get involved with economic, environmental, immigrant, and racial justice action teams. Read more.