10 Years of MASC: Celebrating a Decade of Sacred Social Change

SK_MASClogo_finalFor over a century, Starr King School for the Ministry and its graduates have embodied a living legacy of theologians, activists, ministers, artists, religious educators, and lay leaders who have changed our understanding of Unitarian Universalism and progressive religion. This academic year, we will be recognizing the latest chapter in our dynamic legacy in our celebration of the 10th anniversary of our Master of Arts in Social Change program!

Established in 2005 as the very first program of its kind, the MASC program prepares students for transformative leadership, helping them to become agents of sacred social change. Spearheaded under the leadership of Starr King’s Dean of Faculty The Rev. Dr. Gabriella Lettini, this program responded to those students and graduates who did not pursue ordination but instead were called to spiritually grounded justice work for the larger community and had not found a degree program that fully embraced their vision. Dr. Lettini, alongside other Starr King faculty, staff, and board members, and made possible by a generous grant from the Arthur Vining Davies Foundation, created a degree program that integrated theology, spiritual practice and professional development to help students grow in vision, skill, and spiritual grounding to make a difference in the world.

MASC students come from many spiritual and philosophical traditions, and leave the program prepared to support and lead institutions and organizations working for sacred social change. Visit the MASC Academic Archive to view their final projects and I Am Starr King interview profiles about their respective calls to activism.

In celebration of this pioneering program, Starr King will host a series of events throughout the 2015-2016 academic year. These events will serve as special opportunities to celebrate and strengthen our community. We are doing special profiles of MASC graduates, students, and professors; a commemorative video on 10 Years of MASC; special guest lectures and workshops; and much more. Please stay tuned for more updates about the celebrations this year and join us as we celebrate this historic and transformative program!

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