Online Learning Environment (Moodle)

Moodle ( is the online course management system that Starr King (and the Graduate Theological Union) uses for its online classes. Moodle is accessed from your web browser and works on any computer with an internet connection. Instructors are able to set up and maintain a course page so that students can log in, access information, interact, and teach others.


Moodle help is available online at Moodle Help for Students.

You will need a username and password to get access to Moodle for your class. These will be provided to you after you register for a course.
See the registration page for details.

Once you have registered for a course, you will get an email from SKSM Online Education Office the Friday prior to the beginning of the semester. The enrollment key to access your course on Moodle will be sent through that email. Once you access Moodle with the username and password provided after registration, you will be able to input your enrollment key in the course in which you registered and you will be then in your online class. Please be mindful that registration and enrollment in an online course are two different processes. We can only send you the enrollment key once your name shows in the class roster, which means that your registration was successful and you to not have administrative holdouts. All courses require an enrollment key which is provided, as aforementioned, the Friday before the beginning of the semester by SKSM Online Education Office. For information on how to log into your online course, please see Logging in to an SKSM Online Course.