Logging In to an SKSM Online Course

  1. Register
    You must be registered for the course before you can log in. See How To Register.
  2. Log in to WebAdvisor
    You will receive a WebAdvisor username and password from CITS, the GTU’s Technical Support department, prior to your first GTU online course. You will also receive a Moodle enrollment key (one key per course) from Starr King’s online education office the Friday before your SKSM online course begins.
  3. Save usernames, passwords and keys
    Keep your username, password and each course-specific enrollment key by you when you enroll in your courses. Contact the CITS, GTU Technical Support, for your username and password; or SKSM Online Education Director for your enrollment key for every course in the event that you have not received any of that information by the first day of class.
  4. Access via Moodle
    To access your class, go to the GTU Moodle website at http://moodle.gtu.edu.
  5. Log In
    Enter your username and password then click the Login button. Notice that after you log in successfully, your name will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.
  6. Find your course
    Click on the appropriate course category, then the course name to enter the course. Or use the Search Courses feature right above the Course Categories. Type in the course number, or words from the title, and click “Go.”
  7. Add your key
    On the new page, enter the enrollment key (see steps 2 and 3 above); then click the Enroll me in this course button.
  8. Access the course directly
    You should now have entered the course. In the future you may go directly to the course (http://moodle.gtu.edu) without using the enrollment key.

How Online Courses Work

Shortly after your course begins, let your instructor know whether you’ll take the course for pass/fail or for a letter grade. Online courses span 15 weeks (fourteen weeks of instruction and a one week mid-semester break). They employ textbooks or online readings or a combination of both. Most instructors run unit-weeks from Sunday at midnight to the following Sunday at midnight, and students are not required to be online at the same time. Typically, there is a reading assignment each week, and students respond to what they’ve read and to one another’s responses, which are posted in the Forums on the course sites. Students are asked to complete mid- and end-of-semester course evaluations, and final papers or projects are usually required.

The GTU Moodle Precourse and/or Moodle’s demo site at https://moodle.org/demo/ are helpful for students who are taking a Starr King online class for the first time. The Friday before the start of a semester, students receive one email per course containing its enrollment key, as well as login instructions and other relevantinformation. This allows time for posting photos, making initial introductions and getting to know GTU Moodle.

Understanding Your Moodle Course Site

The main course materials are found in the center of the screen. Forums, text, documents and links to other resources are all located in the center area. (Forums are online discussions.)

On the right and/or left sides are blocks with different functions. For example:

  • Personal Information 
    Under ‘Navigation,’ Profile leads to your personal information, which is shared with other students in the course. Add a photo here.
  • Contacting Other Students
    Under ‘Navigation,’ Participants provides a list of students in the course, with email addresses.
  • Additional Information
    Each course may contain other blocks, selected by the instructor.

Moodle Resources

See Technical Requirements & Support for further information.

Copyright and Fair Use

Faculty, students, and staff of Starr King are expected to abide by Copyright Law. While this sets limits on copying, at the same time each student is encouraged to exercise their full rights granted by the provisions of Fair Use. Read the guidelines.

Again, thank you for your interest in Starr King’s online program.