Looking Toward the Next Horizon (FY27)

Building off the accomplishments of the previous four years, the focus as we go into FY27 would be to solidify the school’s place as the hub for counter-oppressive theological education and to assess what it will take to stay on the leading edge as we look to the future once more.

The following questions can help guide Starr King in thinking about how to look towards the next horizon:

  • What place do we hold now in the theological education landscape?
  • What is the next great leap forward in religious leadership, social change, and theological education?
  • What are the new opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and leadership in our field?
  • What new spaces and needs have emerged that we can help to fill?
  • How can we solidify our position as the hub for counter-oppressive theological education?
  • What do we require now to remain on the leading edge of theological education?