Harnessing Transformation (FY26)

As we widen the conversation, Starr King will have a far greater ability to foster and inspire transformative communities. In FY26, Starr King can use its expanded reach and influence to harness transformation and deepen our impact. The focus here would be on how to harness the transformation we are known for to foster and showcase what it means to create and to lead transformative communities.

The following questions can help guide Starr King in thinking about how to harness transformation:

  • What does it mean to lead transformative communities today? Where do we see the power of transformative communities manifested?
  • How can we model and showcase transformative leadership in religious and social change spaces?
  • What is required to help those engaged in different forms of leadership to harness the power of transformation to effectively engage in sacred social change?
  • How can we highlight the power of creating just and sustainable communities?
  • How can we better center joy, celebration, and transformation within our own community?
  • How can we harness the transformative power within our own community to solidify our place as the hub for counter-oppressive theological education?​