Expanding Our Reach (FY24)

In FY24, Starr King can build on the foundation we have set and take what we have learned in that year of adjustment and experimentation to strategically expand our reach. The focus here would be on exploring and seizing opportunities to connect with and equip more people to engage in sacred social change, in countering oppressions, and in creating just and sustainable communities.

The following questions can help guide Starr King in thinking about how to expand our reach:

  • Where is sacred social change happening? Where should it be happening?
  • Who is participating in sacred social change work? What are their aims? What are their challenges?
  • Who should be participating in the work of sacred social change? And what do those people need to take that first step towards engagement?
  • Who could most benefit from our transformative approach to counter-oppressive, sacred social change? How can we reach those people?
  • What does educating to counter oppressions look like in a global context? What do we need to consider and how might we need to adapt to approach countering oppressions in different global contexts?
  • How can we equip more people to engage in sacred social change?
  • What opportunities can we seize upon to foster connection and to expand our reach?
  • What do we need to invest in to enable and support that expanded reach?​