March 7, 2019

A Message of Solidarity

Dear Ones —

I write today in sorrow and in solidarity with all our intersex, gender-fluid, gender non-binary and transgender siblings, wherever they are. The recent article in UU World magazine, “After L, G, and B,” has caused waves of pain, and a sense that, yet again, our siblings are objects of curiosity and sites of “learning,” rather than the whole and holy children of a Divine Creation.

All of us here at Starr King grieve this very public error by the magazine. The article’s intent was surely not meant to wound; yet we who have committed our lives to counter-oppressive practice know that it is impact, not intent, that matters most. And the impact of this article has been devastating.

To our transgender, gender non-binary, gender-fluid and intersex siblings, both within and outside the walls of our school, I write to say that I see you, and I love you. Your lives, your stories, your struggles, your ministries—they matter to all of us here at Starr King.  May the pain of this moment be lessened and transformed by our collective willingness to work for a faith, and a world, where every one of us is truly seen and welcomed.



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