Dr. Gabriel Estrada

Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Gabriel S. Estrada is Professor and Graduate Advisor in Religious Studies at California State University, Long Beach. Past co-Chair and current member of the Indigenous Religious Traditions Unit of the American Academy of Religion, Dr. Estrada is author of “Dr. Michelene Pesantubbee: Rematriating Indigenous Religion through Choctaw Feminist Oral Traditions,” in review (2023) for Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, “Obscuring Two-Spirit Death in the Films Conversion and Fire Song” in Religion and Sight (2022), and “Trans*lating the Genderqueer -x through Caxcan, Nahua, and Xicanx Indígena Knowledge” in the 2020 Decolonizing Latinx Masculinities. Rarámuri and Apache through zir Chicana mother and Chichimeca/Caxcan through zir Chicano father, ze is the City of Angels Two-Spirit Society (CATSS) cochair and an Indigenous Pride LA member.