Understanding Starr King

Introduction to the School

Starr King is a Unitarian Universalist and multi-religious theological school preparing spiritual leaders for the 21st century to:

  • Create just and sustainable communities that counter oppressions.
  • Cultivate multireligious life and learning.
  • Call forth compassion, wholeness and liberation.

Starr King offers a graduate school experience that is:

Global in its scope:

  • Using new educational technologies, students and teachers live and work in settings all around the globe.
  • A vibrant in-person learning community in Berkeley provides a home base.
  • Global immersions deepen multi-religious and cross-cultural learning.

Relational in its educational practice:

  • Intensive periods in August and January build community among all students, faculty and staff.
  • The personal advisor-student relationship anchors the entire educational process.
  • Cohort groups connect students for creative interchange across differences and distances, building friendship and mutual support.
  • Fieldwork and internships integrate relational learning that is attuned to specific cultures, contexts and struggles for justice.

Adaptive in its modes of teaching and learning:

  • Each student achieves competency in the degree threshold requirements through a personalized educational plan, adapted to their vocational goals and the needs of their community.
  • Multiple modes of teaching and learning engage students in a holistic and liberating education that calls forth their gifts and develops their capacities for courageous and compassionate religious leadership.