Personal Growth & Learning Expenses

Learning happens in a multitude of ways. Courses are one way, but conferences, spiritual direction, counseling, & pilgrimages are but a few of the other ways learning, growth and transformation can occur. To that end, Starr King budget funds each year to assist students with the costs of these learning experiences.

To apply, a student may submit a Personal Growth and Learning Request at any time during the fall or spring semester. Forms may be obtained in the form box at school or on the Forms page.

The student fills out the form and discusses the learning opportunity with their advisor, getting the needed advisor signature (in person or via e-mail.) The student turns the form and any applicable documentation over to the Acting Dean of Students and Community Life for approval.

When an award has been approved, the student is notified by the Student Accounts Manager who processes the check. Checks will be placed in the students’ mailbox at the school or mailed, whichever is more appropriate.

The student must sign a covenantal agreement stating they will use the funds for the intended purpose or they agree to return the funds. The student also agrees to write a one page description and evaluation of the event the stipend was obtained for that will be included in their student folder. This will not be required if the student is using the funds for counseling.

It is our experience that students get more from counseling or spiritual direction when they contribute financially. The funds are limited and the total amount available varies from year to year. A cap is placed on how much a student can receive over the course of their program.

The Student Services Coordinator will communicate to students when they are at their limit. The cap amounts are dependent on the total amount of funding available.

Please note: These funds may be taxed and will be reported on your 1099 form at the end of the calendar year.