Adobe Connect

SKSM offers hybrid courses as part of its Emergent Educational Design delivery format for its learning community. Hybrid courses are those offered simultaneously to students in residence and also over the internet to those participating remotely. These courses are offered in a hybrid format using the  web conferencing tool Adobe Connect. Using this tool, students, faculty and community members can join in and participate in courses and community events held at SKSM via Internet.

SKSM has dedicated “Tech TAs” who manage and administer all aspects of the web conferencing experience onsite during the hybrid course sessions. During the session, remote participants will appear on the classroom projected screen, along with the other remote participants. Remote participants are able to see the onsite instructor and students on their screens at home.

When participating via Adobe Connect, the Tech TAs will send all remote participants a link to join the session. When the date and time of the course arrives, participants simply click on the link to join the session. At present, most hybrid courses at SKSM utilize Adobe Connect for its web conferencing needs.
More information about Adobe Connect can be found at: