Shirley Hsin*I Liu

For over 15 years, I have been devoted to helping nonprofit organizations and small businesses grow and thrive.  I started out on the road to be a doctor, but found through clinical exposure that my deeper interests were in helping people to heal and develop spiritually.  My experience has been eclectic and colorful, but all rooted in a greater commitment to contributing to our planet’s progress towards positive evolution.  I have been/am an editor, writer, video producer, spiritual/intuitive counselor, massage therapist, nonprofit and education manager, photographer, English & Mandarin instructor, yogi and devoted spiritual practitioner.  I spent time in intensive practice of yoga at Isha Yoga Centre in Tamil Nadu, India, and Buddhist & Taoist practice in Taiwan, where I engaged in intensive practice for the past 6 years.  I am currently a volunteer healer for Pranic Healing.  At Starr King, I act as Assistant to the Provost and Assistant to the Finance Department.