J. Tyson Casey

I believe that leadership is an action that anyone can practice so long as the right resources are available. My vision is to cultivate just, equitable, and sustainable societies through an approach to learning and teaching that incorporates experiential, academic, somatic, and participatory methods.

I have worked with interfaith and secular justice communities and organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, North Carolina, and Florida.

I oversee the flagship National Leading from the Inside Out Yearlong Fellowship at Rockwood Leadership Institute, and support programmatic and operational systems. Prior to Rockwood, I was the Managing Director of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship (BPF). My other roles with BPF have included serving on the Board, Steering Committee, and Organizing Committee.

I am a graduate of the MASC program in Religious Leadership for Social Change at Starr King School for the Ministry (SKSM), where I focused on collaboration, sustainability, and organizational change. While a student at SKSM, I served on the ECO Steering Committee, and was a co-founder and organizer of the Network for Justice in the Academy—working with students, staff, and faculty at all of the Graduate Theological Union’s member schools.

My work incorporates a variety of techniques and approaches in which I have trained, including somatic coaching, group-decision making and consensus building, facilitation, time and project management, collaboration, biomimicry, self-care, and non-profit management.

My research interests include participatory governance, non-hierarchical and natural systems, social change movements, political economy, interlocking systems of domination, liberatory practices and approaches to organizational change, Buddhism, Taoism, and Christianity.  My writings have appeared in Turning Wheel and Seeds of Peace, and I have contributed to curricula for a variety of organizations, institutions, and community groups.

In 2006, while reinventing myself after a disability, I began to practice meditation.  During a residential practice apprenticeship at Green Gulch Farm, part of San Francisco Zen Center, I met Mia Murrietta. We were married at Green Gulch in 2009, and lay ordained there in 2011.

I continue to practice Soto Zen, and attempt to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. I live in Oakland with my wife and Cosmo, our Italian Greyhound.