Dr. Hugo Cordova Quero

Director of Online Education

Adjunct Faculty, Staff

Hugo Córdova Quero is currently serving as Director of Online Education at Starr King and is a member of the Adjunct Faculty. He holds an MA in Systematic Theology and Critical Theories (Feminist, Queer, and Postcolonial) from the Graduate Theological Union; an M.Div. from ISEDET University in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies in Religion, Migration, and Ethnic Studies from the Graduate Theological Union. Currently he is also on the adjunct faculty at Graduate Theological Union, an instructor at Multidisciplinary Research Group on Religion and Social Incidence (GEMRIP)/Universidad del Centro Educativo Latinoamericano (UCEL) in Buenos Aires/Rosario, and a Researcher at the Program on Multiculturalism, Migration, and Inequality in Latin America, Center for Advanced Studies at the National University of Cordoba (CEA-UNC) and Research Center for the Study of Culture and Society (CIECS/CONICET) in Córdoba, Argentina.

Dr. Córdova Quero He has been Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Advanced Study of Asian Cultures and Theologies (IASACT), Chung Chi College at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2006); Visiting Researcher at the Center for Lusophone Studies (2006–2009) and Postdoctoral Visiting Researcher at the Iberoamerican Institute (2009–2011) both at Sophia University in Tokyo. His areas of research are religious studies and queer theologies, ethnic and migration studies, critical theories (feminist, queer, and postcolonial), and geography of religion. He is member of the research group Emergent Queer A/PI Religion Scholars (EQARS). See http://hugocordovaquero.weebly.com/

List of Publications: https://gtu.academia.edu/HugoCordovaQuero