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  • “Educating to Create Just Communities that Counter Oppression”
    As a theological school that educates in a world blessed with resources of beauty, grace, resistance and transformation but is marked by intersecting forms of violence and injustice, Starr King School has made Educating to Create Just Communities that Counter Oppression a priority. This statement summarizes our vision and hope, and serves as a guiding document for our work.
  • “Educating to Counter Oppressions Self-Assessment Report”
    This 35-page report, undertaken at the invitation of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Journey Towards Wholeness Transformation Committee, was published in Spring 2006 to assesses the progress and future steps in implementing SKSM’s priority commitment to Educating to Create Just and Sustainable Communities that Counter Oppressions.
  • “March 2007 Followup to the Assessment on Educating to Counter Oppressions and Create Just and Sustainable Communities”
    This document contains progress reports from key school committees on how the Assessment Report recomendations have been implemented as of March 1, 2007.
  • “Our Unitarian Heritage”
    A 292-page document (in PDF format) written in 1925 by Starr King School’s founding president, Earl Morse Wilbur, about the history of Unitarianism.
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  • “A History of Unitarianism, Volume I (1945)”
    An 870-page document (in PDF format), also written by Earl Morse Wilbur, that was originally published in 1945 and updates “Our Unitarian Heritage.”
  • “A History of Unitarianism, Volume II (1952)”
    A 368-page document (in PDF format), published by Earl Morse Wilbur in 1952, that expands on Volume I.
  • “In Their Own Words”
    Proceedings of an historic January 2001 reunion at Starr King School of the Black Unitarian Universalist Caucus/Black Affairs Council and FULLBAC, their white supporters. Reunion participants were active in the black empowerment controversies of the 1960s and 1970s.
  • “2008 Self-Study First Draft”
    Thank you to everyone who participated in public comment on the first draft of our self study. The committee is currently reviewing these comments and preparing a second draft of the study, which should be available here in Mid-March.