The Electronic Pulpit: Speaking the Voice of the People through Media Activism

This course is designed to impart the fundamental journalistic and production skills of media activism as a tool for political transformation:  to break corporate control of information, to give voice to the voiceless, and to organize for social change.

Students will learn skills in technical production, the art and science of interview journalism, the power of language & art to bear witness, as well as the history, philosophy, strategies, and the power of alternative media to shape current affairs.

Live interviews with key working journalists, as well as extensive case study and historical context will be presented.

Students will also collaboratively create and produce in-depth/interview stories (of varying lengths) for a weekly radio news magazine, some of which will be broadcast on the Daily Newsmagazine Flashpoints on KPFA Radio.

Students will be expected to make several studio visits to KPFA to study production in practice.  Access to a 3G/4G phone will also be necessary.