Spirituality as Resilience from Trauma

In this course, students will understand the impact of trauma on humans, both individually and collectively, and the ways in which we respond spirituality to heal from violence. Trauma is a profoundly challenging topic to examine. It may be one of the most difficult practices in a lifetime to directly face the consequences of oppression and violence. Arguably, most of our society is structured as a reaction away from the pain and violence so close to the surface, constantly offering us options to avoid or numb the suffering that surround us. Yet, freedom comes from fearing nothing, being able to face the depths, and stand steady within them. The ability to stand in pain with complete presence is an essential skill in our field. I intend for this course to be a practice of slowly and carefully turning toward the pain of oppression and consequences of this violence without overwhelming the system so that we may be fully present with all those we seek to serve.