Illness, Health & Healing

Illness is both soul-shaking and soul-evoking for the patient and for all others for whom the patient matters.  We lose an innocence, we know vulnerability, we are no longer who we were before this event, and we will never be the same.  We are in uncharted terrain, and there is no turning back.  Illness is a profound soul event, and yet this is virtually ignored and unaddressed.

– Jean Shinoda Bolen, Close to the Bone

Illness, Health & Healing is a two-semester on-line course in which students  (1) listen deeply to the voices of the ill and their caregivers;  (2) explore ways of fostering health and healing in their congregations and communities; and (3) develop practices to aid in their own healing and well-being.   During the Fall of 2014 students will focus on poetry, illness and pastoral care.  Students will work with healing stories, both contemporary and ancient, from a multi-religious perspective, and craft their own.  They will develop and/or deepen their pastoral skills and personal spiritual practices through weekly exercises.