Aesthetics of the Oppressed

Aesthetics of the Oppressed is the term that Augusto Boal used to refer to the full spectrum of cultural and artistic activities that a community develops to resist, challenge and transform oppression. Building on the foundations of Theater of the Oppressed (TO) and the Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Aesthetics of the Oppressed recuperates the power of art and theater “to liberate both oppressor and oppressed” and “recover our deepest humanity” through creativity, art, dialogue and education. This course will build on the curriculum of Introduction to Theater of the Oppressed (RSED 4036), while also integrating writing, spoken word/poetry, visual arts, dance, music, architecture & sculpture to develop a fluid, liberatory poesis & praxis between and across different art forms. There will be a focus on deepening the techniques and practices as practitioner/facilitator/educator/activist, refining the aesthetics and artistry of the work, while expanding the range, depth, and scope of theoretical analysis and political action and engagement. Participants will be required to work in the community or with an institution, using their TO/Aesthetics of the Oppressed techniques to give workshops, or engage in an externship that uses TO or other related skills.