Joint Starr King and Chaplaincy Institute Programs

Chaplaincy Institute Logo“Before Starr King, I had no idea that chaplaincy was even a career option or that I could live my life as a chaplain in a hospital or prison or the military.”

            –Kevin Mann

“I just couldn’t believe that this was a real profession in the world, and that people got paid for doing what chaplains do. I thought that was something you would have to do in your volunteer time, as something to feed your soul…To find out that this was a profession, that this was spiral-yellowsomething I could do everyday— talk with patients and be with people in crisis and need—that was my moment of calling. That was when I realized I was born to do this.”

–Benjamin Dresner


Starr King School for the Ministry and The Chaplaincy Institute (ChI) are pleased to offer a joint program through which students may prepare to become interfaith chaplains, ministers, and/or spiritual directors to meet the needs of a changing and diversifying religious landscape. In 2014, ChI and SKSM affiliated in order to create new opportunities for students to answer their call to spiritual and religious leadership. This partnership equips developing interfaith leaders with the necessary tools for ministry in a multi-religious world and enables them to meet the academic and ecclesial requirements to become certified as professional chaplains or spiritual directors.

The Chaplaincy Institute and Starr King began this experiment in partnership because both schools understand that religious leadership is changing; new forms have grown to meet the needs of the day. We know, too, that it’s vitally important to prepare people who are able to mindfully respond to people from a broad variety of religious traditions with respect, preparedness, and compassion.

We look forward to welcoming new students into our programs. We are excited to explore more opportunities to train the religious leaders our world so desperately needs. And we reaffirm our commitment to be of service and support to those on the path of religious leadership in the many forms it takes.