Gift Opportunities

Annual Fund

Invest in the mission of the school by contributing to our Annual Fund, the fund that supports the ongoing education of religious leaders grounded in multi-religious, counter-oppressive ministries in Unitarian Universalism and in the wider world. The Annual Fund is a primary source of support for the school, and allows us maximum flexibility to meet our highest-priority needs, including:

  • reducing the burden of debt on our hardworking students through scholarships,
  • sustaining our faculty’s transformative teaching and scholarship,
  • maintaining our beloved building and grounds,
  • nurturing our relationship with, and contributions to, the Graduate Theological Union,
  • investing in leading-edge educational technologies,
  • attracting talented and creative future religious leaders, and
  • amplifying our voice for justice in the wider world.

Student Aid

A great way to make a direct impact in the life of our students is by contributing to our student aid fund. The cost of higher education is rising and our dedicated students make enormous financial sacrifices to follow their callings. With a gift to our student aid fund, you will help our students graduate with less debt and allow them to devote themselves more fully to their educations.

Balazs Fund

Named in honor of Francis Balázs, a Transylvanian writer, social reformer and Unitarian minister who attended the school in the 1920s, the Balazs Scholars Fund brings a Unitarian minister from Transylvania to study at Starr King every year.The Balázs Scholar infuses the educationof each Starr King students with the deep faith, commitment and endurance of our Transylvanian Unitarian brothers and sisters, who live with the daily threat of religious and ethnic persecution.

Read more from Balázs Scholars about their Starr King experience and how it influenced their Transylvanian ministries.

For more information about Starr King’s funds and endowments, or about creating a new endowment, contact Massoud Khaleghirad, Finance and Advancement Assistant, at or (510) 549-4706.

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