• Appointed by the Provost and under the care of the Provost, the role of the Student Ombudsperson is to be the point of contact for students to express concerns and find help with challenges or difficulties they encounter in navigating through their experience at Starr King. 
  • The ombudsperson assists through directing students to resources or appropriate personnel; 
    • interpreting policies or practices that a  student needs to follow;
    • mediating between a student, administrator, or faculty member (with the consent of the Dean of the Faculty) to resolve a glitch or confusion (to be distinguished from a conflict or grievance);
    • identifying problems or challenges students are experiencing in the school’s practices or policies that need to be brought to the attention of the Dean of the Faculty, the Provost, or the President for institutional address;
    • proposing to the appropriate bodies and leaders changes or improvement in policies, practices with respect to how students experience the school’s support for and service to students in the context of a holistic commitment to student-centered, counter-oppressive, multi-religious theological education.
  • The Student Ombudsperson does NOT:  hear or resolve formal complaints; mediate conflicts that should be handled through the school’s established conflict resolution protocols;  address or seek to resolve academic disputes such as a disputed evaluation or grade.
  • This position is an interim position for the academic year 2012-2013, with the possibility of renewal as needed.  Anita Narang, Director of Finance, has been named Student Ombudsman for 2012-2013. Contact Anita at




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