Student Forms and Handbook

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook 2014-2015 exists in both Word Doc and PDF forms which can be found here:

To find specific information please refer to our online version of the Student Handbook, which exists in several sub-pages that can be found in the menu to right of this page. While not every sub-section of the Student Handbook has its own subpage, the content and order of the Student Handbook is consistent. To find the order of the sections, please refer to the Table of Contents of the Student-Handbook-2014-2015

Resources for Preparing for Unitarian Universalist Ministry

To find resources for Preparing for Unitarian Universalist Ministry please view:

APPENDIX I Preparing for Unitarian Universalist Ministry

Forms from Student Handbook

The forms below are available for downloading and printing, filling out and printing, or downloading, filling out and e-mailing. Electronic signatures are accepted, including Outlook email, Adobe PDF, or MS Word, or scanned signatures. Copies of these forms are also found in the Student Handbook in Appendix II.

Address Change Form

Admissions Forms

Certificate Program Enrollment Form

Community Field Work Forms

Community Internship Forms

Financial Aid Forms

Please see Financial Aid for information and forms.

Registration Forms

Visit How to Register for registration instructions and forms.

Transcript Request Form


Faculty forms are located on the Faculty Forms page.