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"Ogden" Theresa Novak


"Rumi and the Mystical Path of Sufism" Virginia Sanders

"Saved" Theresa Novak

"Seminary Garden" Theresa Novak

"The Wheel of Justice" Theresa Novak


"Shot Down -- Injustice" Bettina Suppe

"Suffering" Bettina Suppe


“Bearing Witness” Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker

"Dry Bones - Images from Ezekiel 37" Theresa Novak

"Gift" Theresa Novak

"Pray" Theresa Novak

“Prayer” Theresa Novak

“Reading” Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker

"Spirit Prayer -On Learning that the U.S. Army Abused Prisoners" Theresa Novak

"Swim" Theresa Novak

“Winter Solstice” Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker

“Words at the Threshold” Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker

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