Starr King School Internship Sites

Each year SKSM students serve Unitarian Universalist congregations and community organizations throughout North America to learn firsthand the practical arts of ministry. The school’s internship program was started in the 1950s by then-president Josiah Bartlett, who believed in the school’s founding principle of attention to the practical realities of ministry and church life.

“The internship is an important time in students’ development for the ministry,” said Patti Lawrence, Starr King’s Dean of Students and Professor of Congregational Studies. “They’re able to put themselves in a role they’ve been studying for three years and experience not only the work of a minister, but what it feels like, with all its obligations, responsibilities and boundaries. An internship also helps students define the ministerial specialty that’s right for them.”

Since 1996, more than 100 SKSM students have participated in the school’s parish internship program, a nine-month commitment to Unitarian Universalist teaching congregations. These students frequently contribute their own special talents. They’ve created and taught classes in poetry, drama, meditation, Buddhist studies and Unitarian Universalist history. They’ve become involved with local Unitarian Universalist ministers’ chapters – their first taste of collegial relationships.

Interns bring energy and enthusiasm to host teaching congregations, sharing a fresh vision of Unitarian Universalism’s future.

Click to see our latest photo gallery, "Winter 2008 Intern Gathering", portraits of the 2007/2008 interns with their intern supervisors (requires Flash).

For information about clinical pastoral education (CPE), contact The Pacific Region for the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE).


Starr King student interns:

Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church
Johnson County, Kansas
Anne Griffiths

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church
Kansas City, Missouri
Kent McKusick

Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church
Bethesda, Maryland
Pam Gehrke

Unity Church-Unitarian
St. Paul, Minnesota
Leon Dunckley

Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley
Berkeley (Kensington), California
Lynn Kelly

Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock
Manhasset, Long Island, New York
James Field

Unitarian Society of Ridgewood
Ridgewood, New Jersey
Leah Hart-Landsberg

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin
Austin, Texas
Brian Ferguson

First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco
San Francisco, California
Pete Olandt

Unitarian Universalist Church of the Monterey Peninsula
Carmel, California
Mary Foran

Unitarian Universalists of San Mateo
San Mateo, California
Wendy Bartel

Channing-Murray Foundation
Unitarian Universalist Campus Center
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Elizabeth Marsh

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