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Glenn Farley

Rev. Glenn C. Farley, Chair

SKSM Master of Divinity, 2010
Minister, Sedona, AZ Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Treasurer, SKSM Board of Trustees

"A mighty, little school for 110 years… Starr King's distinctive pedagogy is a blessing to the world. It truly prepares people for the deep work of spiritual/religious leadership... may the blessings continue!"

Sofia Betancourt

Rev. Sofia Betancourt

SKSM Master of Divinity, 2003
Yale University MA, MPHil, 2013
SKSM Regular Adjunct Faculty
SKSM Board of Trustees
Interim Minister, UU Church of Fresno, CA.

"I am excited for Starr King to take its prophetic, liberatory pedagogical model into the future of progressive theological education. Our school plays a unique role in training ministers and scholars for world-shaping leadership, and its next President will have the privilege of building on a visionary foundation that is boldly student centered, multi-religious, and counter-oppressive."

Abbey Tennis

Abbey Tennis

UMass Boston Masters of Business Administration, 2009
SKSM Masters of Divinity, (expected) 2014
SKSM Board of Trustees, Student Trustee

"I first came to Starr King for its brilliant and devoted faculty and staff, dynamic and creative student body, mature commitments to counter-oppressive work, and its inspiring and transformative vision of a just and sustainable future for Unitarian Universalism and society. I come back day after day because the love embodied in this community gives me hope for our world."

Jo Sanzgiri

Dr. Jo Sanzgiri

MBA Tulane University, 1973
Ph.D. Business Administration, University of Pittsburgh, 1977
SKSM Core Faculty, Associate Professor of Organizational Development and Leadership Education

"Discerning new leadership is an energizing opportunity to build new resources to further Starr King's commitments to counter oppressions and build just and sustainable communities; to deepen its UU/multi-religious identities; and to re-affirm intensive student-centered learning."

Jiwon Chung

Jiwon Chung

SKSM Regular Adjunct Faculty
Past President, Pedagogy & Theatre of the Oppressed, Inc.
Board President, Community Health for Asian Americans
Artistic Director of the Kairos Theater Ensemble

"In critical times, progressive institutions serve critical functions in transforming society. Starr King has been on the forefront of change, in counter oppressive education, progressive politics, engaged spirituality for over a century. My commitment is to serving this community to find a leader who will continue--with love, compassion and justice--to create and catalyze historical transformation at this critical moment in time."

Gary Smith

Rev. Gary Smith

Vanderbilt Divinity School, Master of Divinity, 1972
Starr King Honorary Doctorate (Sacrae Theologiae Doctor), 2012
Minister Emeritus, First Parish Concord
Lecturer in Ministry, Harvard Divinity School
UUA Ministerial Fellowship Committee
Board Chair, UU Partner Church Council, Chair

"Small school birthing amazing leaders, living the future of
progressive theological education into being."

Jay Leach

Rev. Jay Leach

SKSM Master of Divinity, 2003
Senior Minister, UU Church of Charlotte, NC

"This is an exciting opportunity; the leadership of Starr King has the potential to re-imagine and revitalize progressive religion in the 21st century."

Dan McKanan

Dr. Dan McKanan

University of Chicago, Ph.D, 1998
Ralph Waldo Emerson Unitarian Universalist Association Senior Lecturer in Divinity, Harvard Divinity School

"For decades, Starr King's innovations have inspired all of us who work in Unitarian Universalist theological education.  We look forward to choosing a leader who will continue this legacy."

Search Committee Liaisons

Jenny Weil

Jenny Weil

Academic Affairs Chair, Board of Trustees

Fred Garcia

Amir Kia

Vice Chair, Board of Trustees

Fred Garcia

Helio Fred Garcia

Chair, Board of Trustees

Cheryl Hyatt

Cheryl Hyatt

Partner, Hyatt-Fennell
Twenty years of experience in executive search
Expertise in faith based higher education

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