Mary Ann Maggiore

1997 Starr King Graduate

Maggiore is the mayor of Fairfax, California.

On November 28, 2007, I became Mayor of Fairfax, Marin County. I had served as a Town Councilor for two years and it was time to take a greater leadership role. Politics has become my spiritual path.

Who would have guessed that the call to "do good in the world" would lead from teaching and peace activism to inspecting sewer lines and trying to create a non-motorized transport system. It's all good.

I feel, every time I lead a Town meeting, every time I come into a negotiation, that I am engaged in an act of love. It is so important to keep the energy flowing positively, to get things done. But it is also crucial to listen, and to listen some more. I had learned some sort of patience as a mother, but this sort of patience is entails a great forbearance. None but those of us who are in it can know how we suffer every time the public debate looms large and ugly. How much we must keep inside so that the whole of the truth may come out and the Town will feel satisfied and well served.

You have to have a special kind of faith to do this work. Faith in the path of democracy. Faith in the people. Faith in oneself. What is it Dante said in quoting Hebrews "Faith is the substance of things hoped and proof of things invisible to mortal sight"?

It's invisible alright. But it is always there.

Thank you and please thank all of Starr King for pointing to this path of engaged citizenship as my path of service and faith.

Daniel Kanter

Doug Kraft

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