Mexico Border Immersion with UU College of Social Justice

Join the UU College of Social Justice in this seminarian exploration of economic justice and immigration. In partnership with BorderLinks, this journey will bring participants to northern Mexico to witness the ways in which economic policies such as NAFTA have shaped the border region. We will visit maquiladoras (factories) and meet with managers to discuss the companies’ structures, policies, regulations, as well as maquila workers –outside of work premises. Participants will also be exposed to the economic alternatives that are being created by the community as a response to the current economic model. The journey will be grounded in theological reflection and contemplative practice, helping us deepen our understanding of the intersections between spirituality and justice activism. March 22-29, $950/person. Trip begins and ends in Tucson, AZ; cost does not include round-trip travel to Tucson. For more information visit the UU College of Social Justice website: