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Online Payment of Tuition and Fees / e-commerce

Changes of Enrollment

Please note: Changes of enrollment (adding a class, dropping a class, or changing the grading option or units) from General Registration through Late Registration are done using WebAdvisor. After Late Registration (the end of the second week of instruction) all changes of enrollment require the use of the paper “Change of Enrollment” forms (if you cannot gain access to the paper form, please contact On the form students must obtain the signatures of the instructor offering the course, their Dean, and their Business Office, and will be assessed a fee of $50.00. No change of enrollment or tuition refund will be permitted after the tenth week of the term, except under circumstances approved by the Dean or an appropriate committee of the student's school.

MDIV & MASC Tuition

Full-time students pay the overall cost of their degree program over six semesters (MDIV) or four semesters (MASC), unless the student makes other arrangements with the Student Accounts Manager.  Full-time status is 9 or more units.

MDIV and MASC tuition for students entering Fall 2012 is $10,029 per semester. The overall tuition cost of a degree program is fixed over the course of the program.

Total tuition is set by the year that a student enters study and typically increases each fall. Tuition will not increase for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Students pay a total amount per degree. This amount is shown in the box below under "Totatl Tuition".

MDIV student programs that extend beyond six full time semesters and MASC student programs that extend beyond four full time semesters, after full Program Tuition rate has been paid will incur a per semester continuing fee, half the amount of the student's entering semester tuition fee amount.

Fees for students entering in 2013-2014 academic year:

Semester Fee
Fee Begins
Fall 2016
Fall 2015

Particular courses may include additional fees for readers, materials or fieldtrips.

Students who choose part-time study (6 to 8.5 units) in the MDIV or MASC programs pay half the semester tuition rate, regardless of the number of units they take. In other words, those who attend three-quarter time, still pay half the tuition. Note that a minimum of six units per semester is required to maintain status in the program.  Students who study part-time throughout their course of study would pay tuition over 12 semesters. Students whose study extends beyond 12 semesters part-time would transition to continuing status and pay the continuing fee.

Full Degree Tuition Rate must be paid in full prior to graduation.

M.A. Tuition

The M.A. is a joint Starr King and Graduate Theological Union degree. Because M.A. tuition is set by the GTU, it can change during a student's course of study.

M.A. tuition is set by the GTU. Please see GTU Tuition and Fees for current information. Students pay tuition for the first two years of residence (full-time status means at least 12 units per semester).

A continuing fee is assessed for each following year. The continuing fee for ’12-’13 academic year is $7,200. GTU thesis filing fee: $150.

Students who choose part-time study (a minimum of 3 units per semester) in the M.A. program pay per course, according to the Graduate Theological Union fee schedule.

Tuition is payable each semester, upon registration, and preferably before the start of classes. In addition to Full Degree Tuition fee must be paid in full prior to graduation.

Online Payment of Fees by Credit Card and E-Check on WebAdvisor

Starr King offers accessibility of our E-Commerce process for payment of tuition and fees.

WebAdvisor page for Starr King School for the Ministry. A User ID and password are required to access WebAdvisor.

Please see the following documents for information regarding e-commerce online payment of tuition and fees through WebAdvisor:

Letter to Starr King students concerning e-commerce

Student payments in WebAdvisor

FAQ for E-Commerce

Starr King Course Fees for Special Students (students not enrolled in a degree program at a GTU school):

For the 2013-2014 academic year:

fee per three-unit class for special students: $1,989
fee per three-unit class for online students: $1,989
fee per one-day Saturday Intensive: $50

SKSM graduates may take one course per semester at the school for free. Starr King graduates can receive scholarship assistance (in the form of waived fees) to take one online course each year. To apply, please e-mail the Online Education Director at and state your request.

Students enrolled in a degree program at Starr King School (or any other Graduate Theological Union school) should follow the registration processes outlined by their school’s registrar.  Starr King’s processes are listed in the Starr King Student Handbook .

To register for a course if you are not in a degree program at Starr King or the GTU, please see "How to Register for a Starr King Course".

Click for a full listing of Starr King courses.
for online courses only.
Contact to register for an online course.

Registration in a limited enrollment course is at the discretion of the instructor.


Change of Enrollment for Special Students
Special Students may request from their instructor to be dropped from a class(es) after they have registered. This is generally done during the registration phase of ―early registration, general registration, or late registration. The student is required to send an email to the instructor, copying the Registrar’s office, requesting to be dropped from the course. Any requests to drop a course(s) made after late registration must also be submitted via email to the instructor, copying the Registrar’s office. It is then required that the instructor submit to the student their decision, copying the Registrar’s office. Requests submitted after late registration incurs a $50.00 fee assessed for each transaction. (Drop of a class = $50.00; Add = $50.00. So drop/add = $100.00)


Transcripts Requests

Students can request a transcript by filling out and submitting an online request form: Transcript Request Form.

This form is also available in the Student Lounge, in the forms section near the mailboxes. Please send any additional questions to

Effective July 1, 2010, the cost per transcript is $5.







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