Summer 2007

2007 Summer Courses

Updated: 4/4/07

These Starr King-sponsored courses will be held at the school campus, 2441 Le Conte Ave., Berkeley, Calif. 94709.

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Conflict Resolution and Islam, Judaism and Christianity CANCELLED
9:40 a.m. -12:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, May 21-June 1
Gibran Bouayad and Aaron Hahn Tapper

This course will explore the interplay between religion and conflict resolution and transformation, through an examination of both "religious" and "secular" paradigms of communication skills building in Islam, Judaism and Christianity. We will examine religious texts and rituals from each religion that discuss interaction with the "other" (both the human and divine "other") in a way that makes clear that none of these traditions is monolithic in belief or practice. In addition to being introduced to historical examples of religious conversations between individuals across the previous chasm of the religious "other," students will also look at the role religious institutions have played in this process, both successfully and unsuccessfully. Finally, students will learn the ABCs of the "school of compassionate listening," as well as other communication skills, along with the role of identity formation in creating and detracting from reaching out to the religious "other."
HRFT 4778
3 units
Limit: 25
Fireside Room

The Growth of the Spirit in Unitarian Universalist History
9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Saturday, June 4-9, 2007     
Mark Harris

An intensive course on Unitarian Universalist history that will focus on the central spiritual struggles in each era in the development of liberal religion. After a brief introduction to the movement’s European background, we will focus on the emergence of the liberal spirit in both Unitarianism and Universalism. Then we will focus on spiritual encounters with science, World Religions, God and modern issues, such as feminism, as we bring this pluralistic faith into the 21st century. Those taking the course for credit will make a presentation in the morning session on how their home church or internship church became Unitarian or Universalist (and how does that fit their own history) and then make another brief presentation in one of the afternoon sessions (Monday-Saturday) on one of the discussion topics, and, finally, will be required to submit a 20-page research paper to the instructor within a month of course completion. This course is open to SKSM students, local ministers and lay members of Unitarian Universalist congregations.
SK 4301    
3 units       
Limit: 25              
Fireside Room

Clinical Pastoral Education
Gabriella Lettini

This is for Starr King students engaged in part-time or full-time Clinical Pastoral Education. Participate in ministry to persons and in individual group reflection upon that ministry. Theoretical material from theology, the behavioral sciences and pastoral care. Integrates theological understanding and knowledge of behavioral science into pastoral functioning. Upon completion, a written evaluation from the program supervisor will be placed into the student's permanent files. Arrange with the student's advisor or the Director of Studies in Public Ministry.
FE 4012
1-10 units


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