Saturday Intensives 2008-2009

2008-2009 Saturday Intensives

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Most of these courses are open to students and ministers. Some are also open to lay members of Unitarian Universalist congregations.

Updated: 04/01/08

Fall 2008

Sacred Chant as Spiritual Practice.
9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Saturday, September 27, 2008
Shams Cohen

In listening, silence, and sounding, participants may experience and reflect upon the power of chants to alter spiritual states and promote wholeness. We will chant together from a few branches of several world traditions: Sufism, Confucianism, and both Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism. Many of these chants are considered to be mind/body/spirit medicinals within their traditions. If time allows, we may also explore Neo-Pagan chants, chants from the group, and some of my own hybrid originals. Please do not let negative ideas about your abilities keep you away. Students are welcome to bring recording devices and are encouraged to bring a journal and to purchase the 4 CD set, “Sacred Chants,” at a discount from the instructor in advance. This intensive is being offered by a Starr King M.Div. student as part of their course of study. The intensive day itself is for 0 units. Students wishing to receive credit for the course on their transcript will need to do additional work with their academic advisors on a write-up that clearly shows how the workshop enhanced their development as a religious leader.
RA 4084
0 units
Minimum: 1
Limit: 30
Fireside room

Spring 2009

Experiencing Kabbalah
10:00 am-3:00 pm, Two Saturdays March 7 and 14, 2009
Charles Burack

Kabbalah is the mystical heart of Judaism and has influenced both Christian and Muslim mysticism. In this course, we examine key Jewish mystical texts, ideas and practices and discuss their relevance to spirituality and personal development today. We explore the Kabbalists’ experience of an androgynous divinity, their mapping of divine creative powers onto human beings, and their understanding of the mystical and magical nature of scriptures. We will also experience some of their transformative practices: prayers, blessings, rituals, songs, chants, and meditations. No background in Judaism is needed. Comparisons with other spiritual traditions will be made. Before the first class session, students should read parts 1 and 2 of David Cooper’s God Is A Verb. For the second session, read parts 3 and 4 of God Is A Verb. A final 5-10 page paper will be due two weeks after last class session.
SPHR 4047
1.0 unit
Minimum: 1
Limit: 30
Fireside Room                       

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